{Saturday, January 19th}

Monday, January 21, 2013

Saturday, January 19th 2013

Tre, My dear sweet Tre,
To say I am proud or honored to be your mom is selling my feelings short of what they really are.
I feel overwhelmed with pride in your choice to be baptized a member of the church. What an incredible journey you have now embarked upon. When you were blessed as an infant by Daddy you were dressed in a sweet little cotton one piece with a baby bonnet that Daddy detested.  You had little white socks that slid right off your skinny feet any time you moved. You were darling in the color white then. & Now once more I saw you dressed in white. Head to foot.  You were dry & glowing with excitement. Daddy was holding back the tears so much that his cheeks were rosy red & his neck was pink. Seeing you wet was when we lost it. I think Daddy & Mommy cried enough to fill that font all over again. Even Omah was teary eyed. While daddy prayed he could no longer restrain his feelings & his voice said it all. I hope you felt that your daddy was overjoyed.  As soon as your little self rose from the water you threw your arms tight around Daddy's waist. he hugged you back & kissed the top of your head.  Everyone in the room oohed & awed at that sweet moment put on display to be shared.  My  heart was skipping with excitement as you prepared to receive the greatest gift. That of the holy ghost.  I pray you use it & be in places, & surround yourself with people & experiences that will allow the spirit to be your constant companion. I pray you use it & seek to take heed to it. be still & listen! I love you Tre, & so do all who meet you! neighbors & friends came to support you on your special day! you are one very blessed little boy! i pray this day has left its mark on your heart! love, mommy


Kalen said...

I love his personalized Bible!!! So sweet! Congratulations, Tre!!! <3

Kim-the-girl said...

Congratulations Tre!

Amber P. said...

I've been looking forward to this post since I first saw you pinning ideas for baptisms. Your family is so sweet and you capture the blessed moments of life so beautifully. Congrats, Tre! We are very excited for you.

allegra said...

so sweet i totally teared up! such a special day--congratulations! what a sweet boy you're raising. you should be proud!

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