Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saturday night before going to bed i packed my diaper bag with snacks, crayons & paper.
I laid out 4 pairs of boys pants, 4 button down shirts, 4 sweaters, and a little dress and tights.
I was gearing up to return to church after a month long absence.Rod & the 4 have been going without me & the newest.I was itching to get back.  
 Cooper & I went for sacrament meeting, but skipped the last 2 hours while the kids & Rod stayed put & enjoyed a happy sabbath at church. I am big time anxious about this little guys health after our big scare (which again I will someday write all about.) I was not ready to be that grumpy momma bear who wouldn't let my beautiful friends hold the baby. Im crazy. I know. 

But this day had to be noted as It was a big deal that 
A) cooper went to church
B) we got out of he house on time with all shoelaces tied! 
(pat on my back!)


Hill Fam said...

You did it! 5- WOW! I'm so happy for you and probably a tad jealous too! Stay healthy. I know it is a lot of work and overwhelming. You are doing a great job and not because the clothes are perfect and you were on time (although pat on the back for that- nice) but because you LOVE your babies and are doing your very best. How lucky they are to have a Mommy like you. Call if you eve need to talk
oh and I love the name Cooper

Ava said...

I need a lesson in getting places on time. I can't even get just myself out the door on time! You are a great mom!

Kim-the-girl said...

Way to go! I LOVE this picture of all your kids!!!I think its amazing how big a family looks with 5 kids! You are awesome!

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