{eve of 2013}

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

chinese food, oman & opals return, fireworks that sound like a war front, ball dropping, board games for kiddos, cookies, mullets, rainy night, masks, drive to the airport,  noise makers, tiaras, sleepy heads, sparkling cider, christmas jammies, "she's Hott", sleeping cooper, cheers, new years smooches.
-Not a bad way to send off 2012 and welcome 2013-


Kim-the-girl said...

So fun! And I always love to see you in a photo or two! You are such a babe! :)

Ava said...

Very cool that you had your mom and dad back!! I'm sure it's so wonderful having them in the house. I agree with Kim. You are a babe! Seriously! You pop out all these kids and look like a million bucks pronto! :)

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