Monday, January 21, 2013

We blessed our newest little blessing, 
Cooper Paul 
(aka: super cooper).

then his ear drum burst for the second time 
in his 6 weeks of life.
poor little buddy.

This weekend was one of those times in which our Father in heaven's blessings are made perfectly clear & obvious! a baptism for our eldest & a blessing for our smallest, my mother's visit.   our hearts were swelling, our testimonies doubled, or tripled. we are so incredibly blessed. so so blessed. 


Kim-the-girl said...

Beautiful. And what a poor little guy!!! That's got to be so tough for y'all.

allegra said...

poor ear drum!! how awful and sad!!!! but he looks adorable and so do you! what exciting times in your family! Loving these posts.

Ava said...

I love your pretty blue dress with the sheer overlaying! You always are so stylish. :)

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