{Old times}

Thursday, July 06, 2017

a few weeks ago we had some visitors for a few hours! I love when we get time together with the Whitings. Since they moved from Arizona we don't see them as often as we used to. I hate it. I miss my Tamsyn. She is such a wonderful friend. The kids always pick up where they left off.  The kids still had school so while the kids were in school the Whitings and Tre, Cooper & I went to our favorite pizza place up the street and then swam until I had to scoot off to pick up the kids. & Of course before they had to hit the road again to head up to Utah we had to force the children into taking our traditional group picture. I still remember the first one we had with our favorites, the Finkleas. They were all so little. Now I see a bunch of big kids. Cute big kids.  & its still as hard as ever to get them all to take a nice picture. 


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