{4th part 2}

Friday, July 07, 2017

After a fun day of swimming in the pool we dressed all the tired & sun kissed Sclater & Keys kids in red, white & blue and headed to Boulder to meet up with some of the Keys super fun friends and go to the city fireworks show. It is deathly hot here, but luckily it cooled down as the sun set so it was not horrible at all. The kids ran around on real grass barefoot and had a great time. The fireworks were beautiful and Kim & I discussed how as kids we remember them being so much louder and bigger...we decided it was because in Maryland we sat closer to the fireworks. Presley looovveeedd every second of the show. she kept saying to everyone in ear shot "did you see that everyone?!?" everyone thought that was pretty cute! We had a very happy 4th of July with welcome distraction from some pretty heavy stuff happening in our family right now. The keys are always so good at making life fun! 

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