Thursday, July 06, 2017

 In early June Tre had a lacrosse tournament in California. The same one we attended last fall. His travel team attends a few tournaments a year & the one prior the younger kids & I could not attend because they still had school. We were all excited that we could go cheer on big brother this time around. The elementary age kids only had to miss one day of school for it so that was not too bad. We made sure to visit the coast as soon as we arrived. It was a gray day & it felt chilly to us desert dwellers. Im sure to most 75/80 does not feel cold, but I was a worried mom that the kids would be too cold to enjoy the beach. I was wrong. They had a great time playing. We met up with some great friends from the team & really enjoyed their company. It was a beautiful beach. 

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Kalen said...

Have my kids grown as much as yours have overnight?? Holy moly!!! Slow down!!!

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