Tuesday, June 07, 2016

 Presley had her first ever big girl birthday party this past weekend. It was so fun to prepare for. she had her own little ideas & plans & guest list. I took what she gave me & ran with it. She loves mermaids & the color blue these days. We decided on a pool party since the pool is at a bath temp of 93 these days & the air is 107. The only things to do in the yard is to swim (or melt.)  The little girls had a great time. We missed a few of our little traveling girlfriends, but were so glad to see Lila, Harlo, Annella, Sophia, & Ruby. Presley was tickled by all the sweet gifts picked out for her. Easily the most comical moment of the day was when Presley opened her present from the Keys & she was admiring it with such sweetness...we thought she was in awe of the little spinning ballerina in the music box...but was her reflection in the little mirror. We all died laughing. She's a nut. the boys played with brothers, but Maddox & Cooper couldn't help them selves from being pranksters! Toilet papering & plastic spiders amongst their pranks of choice. Cute Kim pretended to be a much prettier Ursula & the girls got a kick out of putting spells on her with their starfish wands. She's such a fun & animated Mom! I could learn a lot from her! & let me not forget that amazing cake!! The cake was made by a friend in our ward. She is incredibly talented! The cake tasted amazing too!
Presley is so small still. she wears size 4 & has smaller feet than little brother. She actually weighs less than him too! But in that tiny little body is such a patient & creative & bossy, & affectionate little girl. When she was 3 she turned sour for a year. I thought for sure I had lost my sweet baby girl, but wouldn't you know...the sour left & the sweetest little girl emerged. She doesn't throw fits! If she is frustrated, or sad she will tear up but say to us... "I am trying not to cry." Its so sad & sweet & then she pretty much gets whatever she wants. (even Nutela at 2am.) She is such a blessing to our family! We would not be the same without her! Its hard to believe she is 6! Time is escaping us!

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Kim-the-girl said...

I can't believe she's six either!!! That means Bolton is not far behind! One day I need to live close to you, I need all the beauty provide in my life... For now pictures and words will have to do.

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