(3rd grade)

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Sweet Britt. He had a great year. Even with Daddy gone & a new school with new surroundings he pulled out honor roll & advanced math completion. He got one B this year. Just one amongst all those As. He is used to be a straight A kid & expects that from himself. So when he was called up for the A/B honor roll award he was devastated & I could see his little lip shaking & could tell the tears were building up behind those sad eyes. I ran up & snuck a little kiss. & Just as I suspected from the back rows of the cafeteria he was disappointed in himself. I hugged him tight. I am super proud of him! It was a hard hard HARD year. After his graduation awards ceremony we snuck down to AZ to see Oma & Opa for the long weekend! We met up with the crosses & keys (who also were in AZ for the weekend from LV)& whitings. We had birthday cake for Pres & Britt, our June babies. We had to head back on Monday for the remaining days of school. Seeing the whitings was extra special as they  are moving clear across the country in a few days. Its been wonderful living just a few hours apart. i have been able to see Tamsyn & the children so many times this year. I will miss them so much! 

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