Monday, May 23, 2016

Another baby has finished Kindergarten. She is still the smallest in her class & still has a baby voice. I love these things. I would keep her small forever. I remember when she was 3 days old i started crying because she was getting older already. So you can imagine today was hard too. Cooper was in tow & was super proud of sister! He ran up to her during the songs & hug her tight. She held him so tenderly back. Maddox saw her walking past his classroom to the stage & told her how beautiful she looks. These brothers treasure their little sis. Cooper handed her white roses & she even got the sweetest floral gift from Tye! She loved them both & they are on her nightstand tonight.  She is pretty sure she starts first grade tomorrow. just a few more months Presley. Don't rush it!
Oh yes! & I don't want to forget...just before diplomas were handed out each little from her class walked up to the microphone & said what they wanted to be. Lots of the children said scientist, zoo keeper, police man, teacher. Presley said Speech Teacher (like our beloved Ms. Felinda!) Break my heart that's sweet!

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Kim-the-girl said...

Maddox is right, she looks beautiful! I can't believe these babies are graduating kindergarten! She is so blessed to have all those brothers (I'm an only girl with 4 brothers, too...its the best!).

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