{End of March}

Friday, April 01, 2016

The last week of March! It feels like a milestone. We are another month closer to being together. His "trip" has been extended a bit so sadly he won't be back in April as originally thought, but another month done. This week we are preparing for General Conference & Tre has been busy with the school talent show. He & a buddy performed magic tricks. It was cute & funny. We had a little play date with Presley's friend from school while his momma was sick. At dive on Tuesday Britt was super brave & went off the 3 meter springboard! Such a big step for him! Maddox is really doing well at dive & because he is fearless he has been competing at 3 meter this spring, Britt will be joining him soon I am sure! The area we live in has lots of building going on. 3 new restaurants opened up in the past 3 weeks & the kids (read: Maddox) are determined to eat at them all. So we stopped at one of them for dinner tonight & the kids were given balloons. Lucky them I had my camera in the car for Tre's school activity. T was already at school so it was just me & 4/5. 

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