{He is home!}

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

There are some moments in time that I just don't want to fuss with a camera. Saturday was one of them. I wanted my arms free! Saturday morning the boys had dive photos at the university. We dressed & headed that way. Little did the children know that in the back of the car was a pile of posters, glass pens & flags & a duffel bag filled with patriotic colored clothing. While the 5 started walking towards the pool I decorated the car & then snuck in beside them.  The dive team took their spots for the photo & right before the photographer took the very first shot I held up a sign for the kids to see that read "Smile! You get your Daddy back today!"  The team clapped & the boys beamed! Presley & Cooper danced in anticipation telling anyone who passed that they were getting their daddy back today! We quickly changed into festive colors & headed to the airport to get our guy! We checked into the USO & they took over from there. They entertained the kids, got us passes to the gate, took pictures,  got the children snacks. We watched the plane land & then our hearts raced as we watched each passenger come of the flight. My knees were shaking! Then we saw him & the children raced to him. We all embraced & were stuck to each other like magnets. We waited for Rod's MFST team mate, James to get off the flight & greeted him as well since his family is in Ohio currently. Once both soldiers had been greeted the applause started & many reached out a hand to thank Rod & James. The USO volunteers paraded us through the airport with loud clappers creating quiet the fuss. Rod is a super private guy so it wasn't really his cup of tea, but the children were so proud of their Daddy! Presley kept saying "Daddy they love you!" It was really very magical. Being reunited is something hard to put into words. We have been inseparable since he stepped off the plane. I hold him extra tight & the children have been really very sweet to him. We are making plans for a fun summer with lots of time together & fun new adventures. Its been an emotional 6 months with surprises twists in Rod's deployment but its over! We are so grateful to all the men & women who serve & for their families who sacrifice! What an amazing nation we live in that its citizens volunteer their time & strength in defending our great country.

These pictures were provided by the sweet people of the USO. I had debated on a videographer or photographer but ultimately decided on as little excitement as possible so we could just be together. The 7 of us.

When we arrived home my sweet friend & neighbor Bridgette had hung up my decorations to welcome Rod home & then our amazing friends drove all the way up from south of the city to add some super fun decorations to our yard! It was such a fun way to arrive home all together again!


Kalen said...

Homecomings always make me cry!! This one was absolutely no exception! Welcome home, Rod!! I'm so glad you guys are together again!!! <3 <3 <3

Kim-the-girl said...

It is so good to see your big smile, Jenni! What a beautiful day for your beautiful family!!!

Kim-the-girl said...

It is so good to see your big smile, Jenni! What a beautiful day for your beautiful family!!!

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