{Spring Conference}

Saturday, April 02, 2016

 Just some pictures of the 5 doing their very best to restrain the wiggles for the 2 2hour sessions. We pulled out the sleeping bags like always & played our usual conference listening games, colored, & the children enjoyed donuts & cookies too. I took notes for Rod & intend on posting them here when the wee ones are in bed rather than in the back yard playing with pails of water. Trying to be a responsible mom over here. trying. It sue was not the same without my husband who often becomes my pillow during the afternoon session. 
Also my favorite picture from today is Cooper sustaining the leaders of the church. The bigger boys had many questions as to why someone would go to the conference center if they did not sustain the Prophet & Apostles. We had a good chat & the boys said a prayer for those who fight doubts. A good family discussion for sure that allowed me to share my testimony with the children. 

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