{Britt goes to camp}

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Britt has always been a quiet kind of kid. Except when he isn't. Those who know & love our 2nd son understand this statement fully. He is a thinker & a dreamer & intelligent beyond his years (& mine.) When he was tiny I would lay awake worrying, crying, pleading that he would make friends. He had the academics down, but was always perfectly content being alone at recess or lunch. I would ask him if he was lonely & he would happily say "No. Not really Mom." & so I decided to let him be, not to nag & nag about getting to know the kids at school or church. I am pretty sure he doesn't remember any ones names from last school year. He knows faces & who he liked, but names...I don't think he ever sought to know their names!  He is too busy in his mind thinking & creating. Funny thing about Britt is that everywhere we go someone is saying "Hi Britt!" "See you tomorrow Britton" "Bye Britton." Kids love this boy! It makes me so happy! All that worry & what he really needed was for me to stop worrying & give him time. Thursday, Friday & Saturday 2 stakes came together to throw the BEST & I mean it! Jaw to the ground organized fun! They had a tee-pee, horses, archery, safety stations, trading post (where Britt purchased a billion combs that shoot open like pocket knives.) They had arts & crafts, music, BB guns...just so much fun! Britt ate up every single second of it! It was all he could talk about! I thought for sure after day 2 he would be warn out, but he was 100% excited for his 7 hour Saturday at camp! He was in with the best group of little guys from our ward & our previous ward before the split. 3 of the boys are actually in Britton's school class. He came home dirtier & slightly pink from the sun & with so many new memories! He had a great time with his favorite buddies.  First Camp for Britt was a huge success! 

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