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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I love the smell of the desert. Its a warm floral smell. The trees grow citrus & fuchsia blooms that fill the air. I love the historic buildings with their terracotta & textured walls, the iron & the vines that stretch to sun faded roofs. Lizards sit in the sun & scurry away into the shadows at the sound of footsteps. Its magical to the children. Every smell & sight. They drag their fingertips along colorful tiles smooth & warm. But even better than these is Omah & Opah. Being in their arms, their home. Its everything to them. Cooper has been sleeping with a picture of them since we left & even woke up nearly every two hours crying out for him Omah. My parents take such good care of us. They fill my cup & give me a second wind when I am feeling warn down from all the long months of Rod away. My mom lets me be a daughter & not just a mom. & That is sometimes just what I need. 

also...T was cracking me up! The kid has a great sense of humor! He was striking faces & poses while we were playing at the park after dinner one night. The things he was doing were hilarious . He is a winner that one! 

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Kim-the-girl said...

You are so gifted Jenni! Your skill with the camera is unbelievable and your way with words, truly beautiful. Your kids are so stunning!

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