{Arizona. Part1.}

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ive always loved road trips. As a kid my parents would suggest Brad & I have a sleep over & that would tip us off that we were going to be going somewhere the next day. My parents liked to surprise us like that. They would wake us in the early hours of the morning while the sun was still down & the birds were just starting to chirp. My dad would carry us to the van, sleeping bags & pillow in tow. My mother always had a special bag of surprises put together for us. Maybe it was a new barbie or Polly pocket. coloring books & treats & books could be found too. I liked to write down what I saw & would make up stories about the people passing by on paper. I loved going to Maine to camp & Prince Edward Island to see the Anne of Green Gables house. I loved the drive down to Florida more than the time in Florida. We would stop & see my Mom's Aunt Mary Jo & Uncle Jack. My parents made road trips so fun for us. Maybe its nostalgia that makes road trips with the children so exciting. They handle it great for the most part. Last week I drove the 5 out to Arizona to see my parents. I woke the children up & placed them in their seats with pillows & blankets just like my Dad did. I had surprises & snacks just like my mom would. We kissed Rod goodbye as he was leaving to go on another month away (will it ever end?!) As we were heading west he was heading east. The drive went really well. I love music. Its my "thing" if ever I had a "thing." (hey's a snippet for ya when your reading this book when I'm favorite song that I played on the trip was "Hero" family of the year.)  The children fell right back to sleep as we left our city. So I turned on my playlist & drove towards our second home. 16 hours later & 2 fast food stops we were in Omah & Opah's arms. 
Presley walked into the house & announced that "Omah & Opah's house is like a candy store!" My Mom always has a candy bar set up for her grand babies & this time she had cupcakes too. & Of course the kids knew to go straight to their bedrooms to see what surprises awaited them. New jammies, playdoh, cars, books (which Britton read all in 2 nights. geez!) & on Presley's bed was the blanket my Member had made for me when i was little. My heart just about melted. 
The boys went on hikes with Opah & swam with Omah. Presley was so mad at me that I had not bought her a new swim suit yet, as she has outgrown last years. She pouted & huffed & puffed & then finally got over it & didn't mind panties & a tee after all. Her faces kill me. She's a riot! 


allegra said...

How fun! And the pics are beautiful. Your parents seem great.

Kim-the-girl said...

I love that you do this! Everyone is always so shocked that I would consider driving with the kids on my own, but you're living proof that we can do it! And its worth it! Your parents do seem wonderful. Lucky family!

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