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Monday, March 16, 2015

February flew by. THANK GOODNESS! Because it was the month of the flu. Not once. Not twice. Nope. THREE times for each of us! It was brutal! But we are all on the mend now. Rod was in Dallas & we pulled together & made it through. The kids were late to school just about once a week & I had at least one kiddo home sick nearly every day. Glad the plague has moved on.
Britt is finally old enough to play on the lacrosse team here in our neck of the city. He is a quiet boy & really likes to be on his own. He is reader & dreamer. I'm not sure athletics is where his heart is, but we wanted him to try playing with his big brother & see what he thought. We told him from the get go that if he didn't like lacrosse that was just fine! But he love sit! The first practice he won a competition against all the boys involving speed. That really made his day & gave him a boost of confidence. Tre was really encouraging & took time to tell him he was proud of him. So far Britt likes it. He fusses at me a bit when we are getting ready to head out the door, but once he is there he gives it his best & always leaves practice with a smile & happy he went. We will see how this goes for him.
The kids have been spending a lot of time with the Snell family Lately. Brandon is in Tre's class & Austin is in Britton's class. Austin has a twin brother, Alex. They like to get together & play. They have been going back & forth lately between houses. Austin & Alex are big fans of Presley. They are so tender to her & watch out for her on the bus. She adores them! I love the snell boys. They are super sweet & good kids! I also love that when they come over my house becomes a lot calmer!
Good friends for my children are truly priceless! We certainly have a lot here!
Tre had his blue & gold banquet. It was the cutest lego theme. Presley played with her little buddy Chloe & Tre wanted to be with his friends instead of me...I guess that's part of having a 10 year old. I look at pictures when the kids were all pre schoolers & I miss that chaos. .
& that about sums up February.


Kalen said...

Ummmmm.... so, when did Presley grow up?? She has gotten so big since Christmas!!

allegra said...

When did Presley get brown hair?! I swear she was blond!! Love her hair. She is so beautiful:)

Kim-the-girl said...

Good friends are priceless. I'm so happy for you that you have such good ones around.

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