{Root beer}

Sunday, April 20, 2014

This past Friday the children were out of school & had no appointments. it was a welcome break from getting up to my 3 alarms. I need 3. I swear I could sleep through anything. (except my babies crying. that I jump out of bed for.) We did everything we usually do on Saturdays. After naps I decided it would be a brilliant idea to go get the last few items for Easter dinner with ALL 5. It really was not such a brilliant idea & I am pretty sure all eyes were on me & my circus as we paraded through HEB. By the time we got out Rod had arrived home & dinner was an uncooked marinating bag of meat in the fridge. I called Rod up & asked him if he wanted to meet us at on of our fav local places to eat. He arrived just as they were bringing out our meals. Maddox was so funny. He yelled "Daddy come & sit with us!" as if he would sit at a table with another family. It was endearing & there were lots of "awww"s from the other patrons eating outside with us. The children ate their burgers & were sweet through their meals. We arrived home & it was already bedtime. The babies each went to bed tired & full. Tre & Britt were up with us, but the house was still & Rod & I both felt an increase in the spirit. It sounds funny but in our house the feeling fluctuates. Or maybe its just that sometimes its so crazy  that we just cannot feel it as well at times. either way...It was a warm & fuzzy moment for sure. & thats when Rod went out to his car & brought back some boxes full of supplies...

I remember as a kid my Dad made home made root beer. I don't think I had ever told Rod that, but  on a whim he picked up some supplies to bottle homemade root beer with Tre & Britton. The three of them trashed the kitchen, but it was worth it.  Look carefully you will notice...
1) Tre being sweet to his brother and patting his head.
2) Tre stands just like his Momma when he is in the kitchen. Flamingo like.
3) Britt still only has that 1 big front tooth.

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