{silly string & eggs}

Monday, April 21, 2014

 Saturday night we spent the evening with neighbors at Brian & Gabby's. The children played & ate till their bellies hurt. Then the silly string was brought out & the party really started. It was so fun watching everyone scramble around. (FYI: silly string does not taste good.) I love knowing that my children are creating so many great memories with these sweet little friends. I have fond memories of running around till sunset with my neighbors. We played ghost in the graveyard, roller bladed (because that was coolish in the 90s. I know hard to believe.) , & played basketball.  My boys will be out playing with these little friends all day long & still want to play more. I am grateful every day we moved to this street. But I  digress... after the silly string craziness we had a good laugh watching the kids gather eggs, & then spill them, & then cry over them, & then eat all the sweets in site. Gabby knows how to make things fun! It was a great way to share the holiday with our friends.

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Kim-the-girl said...

Fun! You guys really know how to party! Ethan is hoping to catch up with y'all tomorrow, I'm jealous!

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