{busy hands}

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The children have been passing around a yucky bug to one another. We have been trying to chase it away for weeks now. The littlest ones seem to be getting hit with it over & over. That has been keeping my hands busy. Always a warm baby to hold & rock. My favorite moments of motherhood are those in the darkness of night with my cheek on their forehead offering milk or humming love songs. It reminds me of the moment I fell in love with our first baby. It was in a feeding at 4am on our green sofa in our tiny 900 sqft  house in Provo. It was so cold outside, but so warm inside & in my arms was a swaddled up baby drinking while in twilight. I have moments like this etched on my heart with each of the 5. The moments I fell in love. 
I took a moment to sit on the floor with my wrestles sick baby this afternoon while the brothers were at school & sister napped. He picked some little cars & found the windowsill to be a suitable race track for his matchbox cars. 


Kalen said...

Norah has that Fisher Price phone & LOVES it!! We always laugh that she knows how to use a rotary phone!! What is that???

Kim-the-girl said...

This post makes me smile. You always impress me with your deep love for your children and motherhood. Cooper is such a sweetheart in these photos!

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