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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Any & every time we go to Arizona we see Charlie & Sara & their beautiful children. They are our family. Charlie was there from the start of Rod & I & has been by our sides through the early years of drama (& if you ask charlie...there was a lot of it.) He was a witness when we were sealed in the temple. His Mother & Father, George & Sabra were with us in the Washington DC Temple for our sealing. Sabre helped me before & after our sealing ceremony. Now, fast forward 14 years & Charlie & Sara live just minutes from my parents. Their babies call my parents Omah & Opah.  They always greet us with open arms and big hugs. This visit we had a picnic & played at the park. & It turns out Tre is really good at baseball. The kid wacked the tar out of the baseball at first swing & Britt, who is not a huge fan of team sports, had a great time & got on base too. At the end of the night Charlie helped my mom & I load the kids in the car & made sure seat belts were on each of them. & That is why he is Uncle Chuck. We had a great night with these sweet friends & are anxiously awaiting the news that baby 3 has arrived! 

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Kim-the-girl said...

That is so amazing that they are still able to have such a part in your family's life. You are blessed, indeed.

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