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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

We tried Presley on some taekwando with her brothers. we figured, we are here...she is here, why not? We tried about 2 months worth of showing up in her white uniform with bows bigger than her head (ya know just to girl it up a bit) and she never stayed on the mat for long. But her dance classes, that's an entirely different story. She loves it. She twirls about with ribbons, shakes pom pons, & taps her toes. The girls are all darling & love to sing the latest Disney hit "Let it go" at the end of the class. Our girl is still working on her words, but she hums right along with the best of them. Presley loves slipping into her pink leo & tights. She really enjoys being a girl.  

I spied on her through the one way mirror today (when I wasn't having deep discussions about burger joints, babies & book club meetings with my good friend.) It is easy to see that Presley is enjoying the room full of girlies & pink.


Kalen said...

Norah LOVES "Let it Go." She's always singing it in her regular baby talk... with a lot of emphasis on "Go!" It's very cute!

Kim-the-girl said...

I guess we should introduce ours to Frozen one of these days... Eliza would love to dance, but we aren't so good at being involved in extras. :-)

Presley looks absolutely adorable!

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