Sunday, February 16, 2014

I am the worst valentine to have. Really I am. 
Poor Rod came home to a wife in his sweat pants (not even my own) and an old t-shirt that had some of coopers afternoon snack on it. My hair in a high pony & most of my makeup rubbed off by little hands grabbing at my cheeks for kisses or eye contact. It had been one of those extra busy holidays for the school aged children & thus an extra busy week of preparations for me.  We had heart attacked each other's doors earlier in the week. The boys delivered their little bouquets as always. This year Maddox did not choose a little friend, rather his primary teacher. I feel full heatedly that he was inspired to choose her. She is just the sweetest & deserves lots of flowers! Britt chose E again who remains a full head taller than him! poor short boy...we are still waiting for a growth spurt! Tre picked his sweet buddy A who has grown up so much this past year! I look at pictures of Tre & A from a year ago, even 2 years ago & they are so big now! A gave Tre a whole cookie cake this valentines day! Presley was gunning for it. Sweet Big brother shared with everyone.  Maddox went to our cute neighbors M & M's house for a fun little after school party with the cutest cupcakes. Poor Tre was too sick & Presley & Britton are homebodies. It was a beautiful day for outside play! Rod made it home for dinner (not common) & we fed the children heart shaped everything & strawberry milk & then sent them off to bed with chocolate filled tums. I had told Rod not to get me anything (residency means money is silly tight) & then in jest said that I would make exceptions for cadbury chocolate. He did not just buy me a candy bar, but instead got to making me a flour free cadbury chocolate cake. It was delicious. He is one of those people that everything he does is done perfectly. Talented guy! I felt all mushy & lovey for my friends & family. It carried into the next day & rejuvenated my resolution for the year to SHOW love rather than just speak of it. 

lots of valentine fun on my instagram feed too.
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Kalen said...

At least your house looked like Valentine's Day. I seriously did NOTHING! Talk about a bad Valentine! :( BTW, Norah LOVES Cooper. I was not allowed to scroll past his picture. :)

Jenni said...

Kalen it means she wants a baby brother! I'm keeping all the baby clothes and shoes for ya... Just in case;)

Kim-the-girl said...

Wow, Tre really does look grown up!! Don't worry too much about looking like a good valentine, we all know Rod is the luckiest guy in the world. :-)

allegra said...

yeah i agree with the last comment. you could be in sweats for months and still be an amazing catch. love these sweet boys of yours and all the cute valentines pics!

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