Friday, February 07, 2014

They call it "grapple" here. Its a snowy, icy mixture that looks a whole lot like dippin' dots. 

I could not believe it when I turned on the morning news and saw that the children had a "snow" day. 1) because I am from New Hampshire & lived in Utah both of which you needed a ridiculous amount of snow for the word cancellation to even be whispered. 2) The amount on the ground was only stuck to porches and trampolines & some mulch. Roads were grapple free. 3) Moving here to Texas I thought we were leaving behind snow days. We hoped anytime the temps dropped, but really never thought it would happen. 

After wishing I had seen the cancellation before waking the boys, we gathered in the kitchen to make pancakes & hot chocolate. We stayed in our jamies much too long & then explored the back yard in its new frozen state. It was magical having a snow day here. May never happen for us again, but it was a memory the children will surely never forget. It restored our hope in snow days. 

 Funniest part? It was 70 degrees by 5pm the next day. The children were in tees. 

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Kalen said...

I would be happy never seeing snow again, but once in a blue moon & 70 the next day... I could definitely live with that!! Lucky ducks!!!

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