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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Rod spent many years living in Washington state as a kid. He has fond memories of it. My father in law (such a fun guy!) is a loyal Seahawks fan. So in honor of him we dressed the kids in blues and greens for football's biggest Sunday. 

After church and some quiet time we headed down the hill to Natalie & Glen's for dinner & playing & oh too. The guys hid up in the media room watching the game on the big screen while the kids played and the ladies caught up. I remember super bowl Sundays at my Aunt & Uncle's golf course with the rest of the family and food and ice skating on the pond. I hope our kids will have these happy days tucked away in their memories to share with their own children someday.

& while we are on the topic of my family & my Aunt & Uncle... I have had my cousin, Craig on my heart a lot these past few weeks (Literally I feel my heart heavy in my chest. heavy!)  He is a helicopter pilot and is flying in some dangerous territories during his current deployment. I literally loose sleep thinking about him, praying for him. My Aunt Carol & Uncle Kevin were like another set of parents growing up, we lived at their house every other weekend and my cousins at our house on the others. It felt like I had 3 brothers rather than 1. I love Craig very much. Most of my childhood memories (like super bowls) have him in them.  The children, Rod and I discuss him daily and we are all very grateful for his service!


allegra said...

that's so scary. SO grateful to him and all the guys that keep our country safe!!! Prayers for him. xo

marie said...

Love the photos! Hi boys go Seahawks!

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