Sunday, September 01, 2013

Backpacks are back on the hooks in the entry closet.
School started last week for Tre, Britt & Maddox. 
Although by the look of these pictures you would think Presley is ready for the big bus too.
(she is sporting Maddox' old backpack) 

I want to spill my guts here about how hard a week it was for Britton. But I kind-a feel like I am throwing him under the bus if I do. Lets just leave it at the fact that he is such a tender hearted little guy who is super bright & gifted but really really REALLY wants nothing to do with school. He tries to leave reguraly. I have already cried while talking to his teacher & I try to make it a rule in my life not to sob in front of people I haven't known for at least 48 hours. I try to reserve the crazy for friends & family. But after a week of beating myself up over it all...I am feeling optomistic that someday, with help & love, he will figure it out. Maybe Ill laugh about his antics someday too. I really hope so. But for now I have come to accept that this year will probably be a lot like last year for that sweet buddy of mine. & that just breaks my heart.

To Britton's teachers & staff, 
May the odds be ever in your favor!  

oh yes, & we finished off the day with fresh baked cookies & chats. 
Maddox is not sure about pre school. He is scared of the school nurse & her antibacterial spray for cuts.
that kid is just the funniest. & he lucked out! He has Britt's beloved Mrs. H! She will be perfect for him! 
Tre is being Tre. Perfect & hard working. He likes his class & is making new friends. He is thrilled to be back in the classroom. 
& now I put on my gameface for another week. 
(but I don't wanna!)


Kalen said...

I can't get over how much Maddox is looking more like Britton each day. I have to squint to tell the difference in some of these pictures! Either Maddox is losing that DeRoo look or Britton is growing into it!

Kim-the-girl said...

Oh, they are such sweet, cute kiddos! I wonder about my own kids if they will ever enjoy school... Good luck to you, him, and his teachers! ;-)

allegra said...

Oh Jenni, I'm so sorry. I hope it gets better, poor kiddo. Poor momma. It's hard to go from a summer full of fun to structure at school. Max sometimes comes home from school saying "it's so long mom! School is so long. And he's cranky." Hopefully Britton will start to get used to it as time goes on? Prayers for you cute momma.

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