{the princess & the pie}

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Apple pie & afternoons in the back yard with family.
Omah & Presley made apple apple pies. yup. two apples there.
the children jumped on the death trap as i see it. 
Our tramp has seen better days. the net ripped & the spring cover is disintegrating in the Texas heat.
(Santa is replacing both.) 
I just don't watch & hope for the best. 
Mom of the year award right here. 
Presley pranced about in dress ups all day. 
I love when my Mom & Dad visit.
Omah & Opah bring the best out of all of us. 
I slow down & breath, Rod worries about my tasks being daunting less, the kids have more arms to wrap around them. 
We cannot wait till we live near each other again.
Sunday dinners, sleepovers... 
it will be a beautiful thing! 

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Kalen said...

Are there plans for a big move in somebody's future?

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