{1st day Eve}

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Each year we have a special dinner 
the night before school begins.
This was our 4th time around. 
We have spaghetti every year. 
The children are given a yearly challenge.
We choose a family verse to focus on.
The children make a wish & blow out a candle on cake.
(I even made a wish.) 

& the best part...
father's blessing for each child for the new year.
(What is a father's blessing? read here )
Rod lays his hands on each child's head.
Having the  priesthood in our home 
is such a comfort to me as a mother.

My 3rd to leave the nest. He is excited! 

Heaven help this ones teacher.....sigh.

 We have 3 school children this year. & next year 4. 
This season of our lives is flying by. 


Kim-the-girl said...

I wonder how many times, if I looked back through all 5 years of comments from me, I have said the words, "You amaze me!" or something similar... well, here we go again, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! And your kids are so blessed to have you! I hope to one day be half as wonderful the mother you are.

Hill Fam said...

I know! I hate having the kids go back to school! And this year all of mine will be in school. Maizy can't stop talking about preschool

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