Sunday, August 04, 2013

We are on year 3 here in Texas & we love that our children are 
growing up with such wonderful friends.

They play outside on bikes & scooters, sell lemonade, 
go to the playground
all together.

We hosted a movie night with pizza & treats & all our little friends. Our house was easily the loudest house in the city. But it was happy noise. giggles, games, chases. 

Then last night we hit up the pool as a street & while there I was telling my neighbor Gabby that Maddox had wanted to go ver to their house for a birthday party. Today I got a text after church that the kids should come over for birthday cake after dinner. They even sang "happy unbirthday" to Maddox.

I could not have imagined how happy we would be here.
We have great support & people who love our babies. 
& We love their babies too. 

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