Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rod's mother visited for a week. 
First time she has seen the kids in 3 years. 

River day.

My children have an amazing father. I love him deeply. 

Britt wore this bucket all day. we called him sir. bucket head. he liked that. 

our 3rd grader! cannot even believe it! 

whats this I see?? Madds loving on his sissy? 


bird was scared when we went under the bridges on the 
river tour downtown.

goofball gave me this look every time he caught me taking his picture. thanks buddy. 


marie said...

Oh My Gosh! Love all the photos and Maggie looks Great! Healthy and love her hair cut/style. The river looks like so much fun and can't wait to visit myself :-)

Kim-the-girl said...

Gorgeous pictures!

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