{bird does ballet}

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I cried.
Mostly because I really thought for a long time that my days of motherhood would be about sports socks and cleats & the color blue.
Yesterday our baby bird started ballet & tap. 
I was so excited while dressing her in her tiny tights, leo & skirt that I cried.
She was a nervous nelly when we arrived and brought in Britton's moose to ease the nerves.
But once she saw all the other sweet girlies in pink arriving she relaxed.
she loved it! 
heck. i loved it! 


marie said...

Seeing these pictures has brought tears to my eyes. I love that Presely will enjoy Ballet like Jenni. We are so Thankful that God has blessed Jenni and Rod with a beautiful daughter to enjoy all the girly things.. :-)

Kim-the-girl said...

How exciting for you both! She looks adorable!

allegra said...

She is so sweet!!! I totally know the feeling Jenni. I'm so glad you got a sweet girl!!! The first time I brought Ruby to dance I was grinning ear to ear and seriously thought over and over "being a mom is the best!" It was so fun. GIrls are so sweet. She looks adorable!

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