{way past due}

Sunday, March 03, 2013

I feel like my life is going by. slipping by. I don't pull out my camera as often as I should. I cant find a split second to document that fact that Britt still hates Kinder, That Tre has a fort with some neighborhood guys, or that Presley lives only on chocolate milk, Id like to type down that Cooper is still struggling to be happy or that Maddox says "hey check it out!" about 1 billion times a day. 
BUt for now all I can muster up is a phone dump that is way past due.
included here is: 
cooper in the hospital for his scare.
some holiday time pictures
Rod with a fake mustache from work
Ice cream truck in december
flip flops in january
kids playing
Britt lost a tooth--naturally. 
luca the dog's visit
baptism jump suits ready to go
kids in the kitchen

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Kim-the-girl said...

I can so relate! Thanks for the fun pics of your family! We sure miss you guys!

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