{kids being kids}

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tonight Tre had his first ever Blue & Gold Banquette. 
& I missed it.
It started 3o minutes past bedtime for the littler kids.
& that is a recipe for disaster!
So before Tre hitched a ride from some great friends I thought
Id snap a few pictures of him in uniform.
(who doesn't love a man in uniform?!)
The other children must have thought this was the perfect evening for a family shoot
because they were everywhere. 
& the best part they were all in jammies 
that they had picked out. 
some shirts too big, 
some shorts too small, 
nothing matching. 
But I kind-a like pictures where the kids look like kids. 
I bet those will be the pictures we laugh at & enjoy the most when they are full grown. 

Rod & T should be home any minute with fun stories to tell 
& so I say goodnight. 


Meghann said...

Jenni, I wish I had known! I would have been happy to come over and "watch" the house while the kids were sleeping. Jared is on nights so I just hung out by myself. Let me know next time! :)

marie said...

Tre has the best smile :-)

Love the pictures of the kids in their pj's..

Kalen said...

Yay! Way to go, Tre! <3

Kim-the-girl said...

Kids being kids is the best! And your are so cute!

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