{can you find him?}

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tre was selected to be in "The Elementary Showcase of Stars"
It was a district wide presentation. 
T's school is represented by the kiddos clad in neon yellow. 
He performed to the song "At the Carwash." thus the rags. 
It was really darling. 
The kid has nerves of steel.
 Nothing intimidates him. 
I asked my biggest if he was nervous. 
his response. "why would I be?" 
Oh I don't know...because you are going to perform in front of hundreds of people.   
It reminds me of when he read at his pre school graduation when he was 3. he read in front of hundreds & it was being televised & the kid thought it was awesome !  
I get shaky in the knees just calling to order take out. 
 I hope he holds tight to that confidence! 

can you spot my showcase star? 

he is kind-of-a-lot cute! 


marie said...

That's my grandson! Taking after his Mom in the talent area :-) I wish I could have been there to see the show. Tre your GREAT! Love you..

Kim-the-girl said...

That is so great! My boys are getting to the stage where they think they're supposed to be nervous to perform, so they talk themselves into it. Kind of drives me crazy. :) I hope Tre always holds onto his confidence too! What a great kid you've there!

Ava said...

So cute! Looks like fun! My oldest gets nervous at the last minute, but has all the confidence in the world up until that point. I am nervous from the first second, so he didn't inherit any confidence he has from me! Lol! It's fun seeing kids group up and become their own personality.

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