Friday, March 15, 2013

There is a rumor that I once was scared of my Uncle Kevin. I would walk the furthest route around him in any room. Relatives think maybe it was his black curly hair. It certainly was not his demeanor. And at the risk of hurting feelings. He is absolutely my most favorite of Uncles. He was like a dad on weekends growing up. My brother & I would go to Uncle Kevin & Aunt Carol's house one weekend, & then our cousins Dana & Craig would come to our house the next. When I think of my childhood I always think of Aunt Carol, Uncle Kevin, Dana, Craig,
 & all the games, legos & forts.  
My Uncle & cousin craig are motorcycle enthusiasts, They packed up and decided to take a trip on their Guzzis. They stopped to spend a night in our home. we fed them mexican and then showed them the Alamo & river walk. as fun as showing them the sites of the city was...easily the highlight for me was seeing my boys so excited to have them there. Maddox clung onto poor Craig. Maddox thought craig was the coolest guy around (2nd to his own dad of course.)   I am super grateful they went out of their way to visit us! the boys proclaimed this the best spring break ever while Uncle Kevin & Craig were here. 


Kalen said...

San Antonio looks beautiful! I want to come visit!!

Jenni said...

Thanksgiving!!! It's amazing!!! Maybe we can all squirrel away some pennies together you 3 out here!

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