{vacation week}

Thursday, February 07, 2013

This week Rod has been home.
But to call it a vacation week would be a lie.
He has had to replace our dryer, study, & even volunteered to be "watch dog" (dads of great students.)
He has not stopped.
& has not been able to accomplish much of what he had on his list.
he is discouraged by this...
I wish he could see all he has accomplished.
special time with each child, playing, hugging, helping. 

He works.
He prays over us.
He gives all to us.
He loves us.

this video is worth a watch!  
My heart is full!
(turn off my music 1st friends!)


allegra said...

yay for daddies and good hubbies! what would we do without them? i LOVED that video!!

marie said...

I really enjoyed watching the video! Thank you for sharing. I also thought the house in the video looked just like yours in Kentucky. :-) xxoo

Ava said...

It's so nice he's had time with you all, even if he doesn't feel like he's gotten all accomplished he wanted to. So nice to just be together as a family sometimes. :)

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