Friday, February 15, 2013

I love valentines day, but it sure kept me busy this year!  
I was never a huge fan of this holiday until on a rainy day my 3 year old 1st born came tripping out of the school building with a box of love notes, erasers, stickers & lollipops. He was glowing. I could tell he felt extra special. & any holiday that does that for my crew is all right by me! 
 1) Did  our annual feb. 14th service project. This year my wee artists made valentines for nursing home residents. They loved dropping them off! & I love teaching them that the world does not in fact revolve around them..even if I make it seem that way at home most of the time:) 
2)Monday night before VDay we Heart attacked each others doors with pictures and kind words. Kindness is a big deal in these parts as of late! we say "speak kindly & calmly" about a gazillion times a day. We are starting to make progress in that area. Baby steps. Baby steps. 
3) We had our Valentines Day breakfast complete with heart shaped pancakes, love notes, treats, & a trail of hearts from their bedroom doors. 
4) as always we had our boys be gentleman and pick their favorite gal pal to give flowers to. they rang doorbells, said happy valentines day & smiled. I love this tradition. i think it is a hoot & builds confidence as well as respect for women. 
5) School festivities! We made valentine boxes to look like a lego (no surprise there!) & an iPad. The boxes left the house empty & were returned filled with hearts & thoughtful notes. 
6) Dr love himself had off for the day & gave me a nap! A NAP!!!  best day EVER! (sorry no pictures of said nap.) 

#1: service project--

delivering the valentines....

                                        our smallest of valentines!

#2 heart attacks--

#3 love day breakfast--

#4 flower delivery boys--

okay this next picture kills me!  Miss E. is a full head taller than Britt. My poor little guy.
& of course our beautiful & sweet sweet neighbor Miss A & Tre. If I have it my way those two will fall in love someday! She is a gem.

Miss R & Maddox were a riot too. Its like she expected him. The door opened he held them out. she took them and they each bolted in opposite directions. Hilarious! cute little buddies.

#5 school festivities--


Kim-the-girl said...

You are such a fun mom! I wish my boys were learning respect for women... I need to get on that!

marie said...

Love that the boys give flowers on Valentine's Day! You are the best MOM and teach the children how to be the best they can be. BRAVO!!

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