Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Saturday evening we went for a walk. 
played at the park.
soaked each other in.


Kim-the-girl said...

I keep telling Ethan that I think we're going to be sent to San Antonio... and that if we do we have to try to find a house in your neighborhood. We should find out soon! Soaking each other in is such a gift these days. Glad you got to!

allegra said...

such cute pics! I love the coloring/editing. Esp that first one! Bonding family time is the best. So cute P is wearing fairy wings! Ruby has some too and loves them. The other day she wore them to the grocery store! hahaha.... girls:)

Ava said...

Looks like fun! I'm so jealous of your gorgeous weather all the time! I live in the wrong state! That's for sure! I wish I was brave to move and try some place new. :}

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