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Thursday, August 09, 2012

some other happenings from last week...
kiddie birthday bashes, playing at the park, GNO for momma, olympics watching, speach for Madds, dinner with pals, errands, christmas packages have started to arrive, buying baby gifts for neighbors & friends, bike riding, getting back on school sleep schedules-ouch!, sports sign ups underway-flag football for T, soccer for Britt & hopefully swim for Madds, new ninjago episode, 4 photo shoots last week for me, work for the Dr of the house, primary subbing, 
school preparations, 
& gearing up for T & Rod's departure for the great north.
Typical Momma stuff.

sometimes it is the everyday tasks that I want to remember the most... the simple things like getting help with emptying the dishwasher, the way Presley always puts everyones shoes where they belong. I think that is why I love my phone's itty bitty camera function. I can catch the kids in dress up, I can capture them coloring, throwing a royal fit or building the biggest lego tower ever. 

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