Monday, August 06, 2012

It is August.
I have been soaking in summer with the children.
School starts this month & I am less than excited.
The big boys are eager though, so I play along.
The pantry has a corner of already purchased supplies for the 1st day.

T leaves for Michigan with Rod next week for some boating & guy time with grandpa 
(Rod's dad. who is awesome.) 

So that will leave me with the younger three.

Honestly, I am not looking forward to that.
Britt will be bored without T.
Presley will need extra attention without Brother to help
& Maddox well... he is in a rut/cycle of  & with no daddy to come home & hug momma after a long day of Maddox....

Lets just say I am feeling like packing up my car & heading somewhere myself with the three. 
But all that "me" stuff aside I am ecstatic that my men get to go on a fun guy trip. they deserve it! Rod has already been briefed on his responsibility to take lots of pictures! 

Flying through the day without my co-pilot (aka: my 7 year old) is going to be interesting.
I love my biggest. He is such a help & a peace maker (90% of the time.) 

I am a little afraid of being left to this crazy 3 three year old with the sweetest smiles, bluest eyes, & no volume control ability, with a big list of demands & no time to stop.... he is cute though, no?  


Kim-the-girl said...

Hey, you could come to KY! We'd take you for sure! Although my boys start school TOMORROW!!!! So it probably wouldn't be as fun as it could be. I've been a wreck all day thinking of school starting...

Ava said...

That will be a lot! I'll bet you'll appreciate your oldest even more after that! I'm always happy when my husband gets a little "man time" getaway, but I'm always hugely jealous, wishing I had the same opportunity. Lol. I hope you guys find something super fun to do!! :)

allegra said...

soooo cute! oh, those eyes. stud muffin'! you'll survive just fine. you're superwoman. :)

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