Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This Valentines Day we kicked off the day with a pink & red breakfast. The children opened their little gifts and ate chocolate before heading off to school with their valentines for friends & teachers. They all came home bit wired and sugar coated, but feeling loved. We went through their valentines to read the nice words their friends wrote them. Then we hustled out the door to deliver our annual flowers. Each year the boys pick a girl they want to deliver flowers to. This year Tre, Maddox & Cooper picked the White girls-Eliana, Julia & Vivian. It was precious. After that Britt deceived flowers to a cute girl named cadence who lives just around the corner & who is in his class at school. Her Mom answered the door and Britt just stood there & said "Happy Valentines Day." she looked confused and asked...are you looking for someone in particular? hahaha. they have 3 girls. I had to yell Cadence from the car window. Then Coop wanted to make sure to give flowers to Presley's friend Londyn too, & adds wanted to give flowers to a cute girl in his class that also goes to church with us, and whose "hair looks so soft and shiny." so to Kenna's house we went. Then last but deffinitly not  least the brothers, all 4 went to our own door and knocked on the door to give Presley flowers. She was tickled!! she ate it up! Rod and I were happy to be together this year! It was a lovely day! Oh yes & 2 weeks prior we heart atacked each others bedroom doors as we do every year. I love reading what makes the children love each other. We have done this for 5 years and I cannot see it ending any time soon! 

turns out the lens I have been using needs yeah again more bad shots, but still keeping em! 

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