{The Blahs}

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

January & February are always kind of a blah time for me. I don't think I realized it till this year. I was remembering winters past & I think its the short busy days & the post Christmas come down. Not to say there aren't times in each & every day that I am happy, because there always are little rays of sunshine. The other thing is I feel like once new years arrives I am pretty much over the school year & ready to have the children home with me, without homework or projects or full afternoon schedules. Ironic, because the new year symbolizes fresh starts, renewed purpose...but for me its just not. I don't want to be one of those people who places all their better days in tomorrows. i want to enjoy this second, because if this journal has taught me anything it has taught me that almost every stage in my life was the best stage. I look at pictures of the children when I had 4 under 6 & I miss those days of just one in pre school and living on the floor surrounded by baby books and duplo blocks.  But then I will look at pictures of just 2 years ago and miss that stage too. I know I will miss this time in my life someday. I hope to cherish it even in my blah patches.

so with update.
1) We helped my parents move about 20 minutes from their other home. Our besets, Charlie helped with the heavy lifting and gave up his entire Saturday to help out! We sure love the Crosby's! My parents are loving their new house & I had a blast decorating for them. Rod loved it...I scratched my decorating itch without spending our money.
2) Maddox had his first ever pinewood derby race. Britton had his 2nd. We made their cars essentially identical but poor Madds (our most competitive boy) car just kept coming in last. Britton (our least competitive boy) smoked everyone. that thing flew down the track every single time. He placed first & Madds got the award for most festive car due to his theme. Britt already told maids he could use his car next year so he could win. Break my heart I love those boys.
3)Tre has been busy most nights with Lacrosse. Rod is coaching this season so those to are MIA most nights while i take Madds & Britt to dive at the university with the littles in tow.
4) Tre had his first ever ALMOST camping trip 2 weeks ago. They drove 2 hours with gear in tow to find that the tents were blowing over...with kids in them. They couldn't keep a fire safely lit. Yikes! so they drove the 2 hours back after a Dennys stop. The boys were exhausted by 11pm & the gear was a hot mess with tent poles everywhere from their quick exit from the campsite. They tried. This week they are attempting a snow camping experience. Im not loving the idea, but Tre is super excited!

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