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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

We had such a fun couple of evenings with Rod Sr., Aunt Cheryl (so love this lady! she's a hoot!) & Grandma Sclater. We showed them our favorite way to see the city & they filled our bellies with lots of nights out to eat. I had the chance to cook for them too. It was fun to have them in our home. We love them very much! The children made some great memories with the side of the family they don't get to see often. It was special. settings were totally crazy town that weekend. i had a good cry over how bad the pictures turned out, but you know what...Im still gonna save them forever.  Grandma gave the children each a $2 bill. I about cried because my Memere & Pepere did the same for us great grandchildren when I was growing up. I hope the children remember these type of treasures. (Rod's)Dad was sweet as ever & patient with all the noise and crazy. We hope to see them again soon.

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Kalen said...

Rod is the spitting image of his father!!

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