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Monday, April 17, 2017

Poor March was totally neglected. It came & went. There were school performances, lacrosse games, Morning announcements & gladiator arena winners, playing in the yard...& now we are packing up to move, so April is proving just as busy. But we are getting it all done. Lots of team work! 

Lets start with Lacrosse. I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching T & Rod out there together! Rod is such a great coach. He really wants to help the boys not just be winners, but good men too. I just love it! Tre is really growing as a goalie & has become so confident & brave. The kid is killing it this season & I am always such a proud Momma. A few weeks ago there was a game where things got ugly. The parents on the sidelines were fussing about how T & a handful of other players always get play time but their kids do not. Well, I totally understand the whole everyone gets a turn/trophy mentality (Im a sap for all children feeling like they are great! I think all kids should feel uplifted & great!)...but these kids are in middle school now, & some kids just plain work harder. Mine included. If you were to stop by you would hear Tre is the yard on his rebounder tossing ball after ball. Thats what he does. He practically sleeps with a stick & strings heads in his sleep. He gives everything on & off the do the other boys that play most of the games. Some kids just work harder. & They are rewarded. Thats real me heartless, but even with my maybe less athletic kiddos...I feel that way. To play on a team you have to put your team first...not just yourself. But the fussing from team parents was not even the worst of it! Oh buckle up for this one...The other team, The Patriots, before the game even started had a kid call one of our defense players the ugliest N word. It was awful! Did any refs or coaches do anything about it. nope. It was awful. Then as they made high hit after high of which resulted in a child passing out with a concussion... no calls were called again. Oh bother, but that is where I got red and protective of our sweet boys....a few of the boys on the other team refused, REFUSED! to take a knee when our player passed out. So my awesome little goalie yells with his goalie voice "TAKE A KNEE" the kid laughs out loud and mocks the injured boy. are you for real?! So Rod is 1/2 way on the field since he is a doctor and tells the kid to take a knee, be a good sport. The kid says no and again laughs at now Rod. The other coach tells this punk not to take a knee. say what?! it was awful. The bad language and the poor sportsmanship continued. & at the end of the game parents were yelling, crying, about to get into physical fights. It was so ugly! no class at that game at all! blah! Im still twitching. But then...I find out from some web searches that the kid dropping N word and just being an all around bad LDS. NO way! But I write all this because I look at Tre, He makes mistakes, he is growing too....but I have never been embarrassed to be his mother. He represents our family & the church with honor & dignity. He makes us so proud! He doesn't just live worthy of passing the sacrament on Sundays...he lives the gospel every single day! I am glad he was so upset by the behavior of the other players and coaches...because he recognizes what is not okay, what is not kind.  I may actually sit out the game this Wednesday because I am still pretty shook up by the game & honestly the parents on or team that were fussing at one of the sweet mothers whose boys play all the games. They ganged up on her & I went & parked myself next to her to show her support. I was just so sad that sports can get that ugly! 

I dont even know if any of that story made sense...haha. 

Heres my super sweet goalie making his parents & team proud! 
& the cutest looking coach around!

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