Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Maddox & Presley have been begging for a sleepover. Begging! With the long weekend I agreed. They were super cute and watched movies and Maddox clonked out first. Presley came out of her bedroom a few minutes shy of midnight & asked me to take Madds out. It made me laugh. I carried him (sleeping bag & crumbs and all) into the room where the big boys had just wrapped up their own little late night together. The next day Presley had a super fun party to go to next door for her friend who had been gone for a few months. We picked up our little friend Carson and marched over in princess attire. & Then Presley got the flu and it was a whole bunch of grossness for the rest of the weekend. She is adorable when sick. Is that weird? she was snuggly and needed me. I soaked it in. 

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Kim-the-girl said...

There is so much cuteness happening here!

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