Friday, January 02, 2015

We spent the end of the year with neighbors. The children wore pajamas and robes. Presley matched her dolly. We ate appetizers and sweets. The kids watched a movie while grown ups chatted & watched football. (And googled really strange things.) Rod had to work the next day so I walked up the hill with him and the babies. We tucked them in bed then while rod readied himself for bed I ran back down the hill to fetch the next 2 to put to bed. I kissed them all and while Rod went to sleep I again ran down the hill to finish out the last 2 hours of 2014 with Tre & friends. I cannot help but feel grateful for the past 4 years we have had in this home surrounded by these people. At the same time I feel like I'm marching towards uncertainty. Rod finishes residency in June. We will be done with all his training, all his hellish hours. Its hard to believe. We do not know if we will be moving across the ocean, across the country or across the neighborhood. The wait is hard, but I am not looking for time to rush on by  me. I am going to savor every last moment on this street with these people who have become our family here. How is it even possible that so many wonderful people all ended up on the same culdisac?! It seems so unlikely! & yet they are all so generous & kind. Even if our move is just across the neighborhood I will shed tears. I know the kids will too. There is something special about opening the front door & letting the kids run out to meet up with their sweet friends.  I recognize that this is a special thing we have here. I do not take it for granted.  It was a great way to end 2014 & welcome 2015. Happy New Year! 

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Kim-the-girl said...

You are so good Jenni. I love your perspective on life.

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