Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The boys are taking Piano lessons. I love hearing them practice. I love that they LOVE to practice & go to lessons.When i hear them playing I think of my Memere & Pepere & the organ that lived in their house. Reminds me of the first song I learned to play on that organ, Silent night. My Pepere was so patient with me. I miss them, but they left me a lifetime of memories & lessons!  The weather was dreamy the past couple of days so while the boys had lessons we went to the park, only leaving to swap out a boy for another. 80 degrees is not bad for mid January. It was a beautiful evening that's for sure. Maddox & Britton played while Cooper & Presley paired up. Tonight bedtime was rough. Its hard putting so many littles to bed alone  night after night. Then came the homework check. & Do not get me wrong...I really really Like T's teacher. She is amazing & the perfect teacher for our bright T, but with that said...her homework scares me to death! Its lengthy & involves a lot of Mom time. I was struggling to get T headed in the right direction on a long assignment that involved a collage so I called my lifeline. Rod. He whipped out ideas in 20 mins. Love him for that! It was such a huge burden off my shoulders! I know he feels badly for being gone months at a time, but he finds his way to help me out back here at the home front.

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Kim-the-girl said...

That Cooper is just a doll! I think we need to plan a get together again someday so we can meet him. My kids still talk about the time we spent at your house, you made quite an impression on the Woodbury clan.

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