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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

 This christmas was special! We were able to spend it with my brother &his sweet growing family. My parents were there too. We arrived Christmas day & the children picked up right where they left off. We all contributed to the christmas meal. I made a mint chocolate bundt cake that I will certainly make again. My Dad wanted a group picture for christmas. & right before we all departed for home we took the pictures below as place holders until we can get one where we are all dressed for the occasion & the conditions/lighting are better. I am so thankful to have my family near by for the holidays. I believe that growing up near my extended family gave me a sense of security & support that I otherwise would not have had. I know it will do the same for our children. Spending Christmas with family is always better than spending it with just the 7 of us. We like having those we love near us. I feel so lucky that my parents adore Rod! & I love even more that Rod loves my parents so much so that he practically begs them to move in with us overtime he talks to them. Christmas was magical. 
I hope that soon we can do christmas with Rods family. Its been a long time & We want the 5 to know & love the other side of the family too! Our thoughts were with them and 
we hope they felt our love. 

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