Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ill be honest. I had high hopes for the days before christmas. Rod had the week off & I thought we would loud up the days before christmas with festive outings & cozy nights together. The children were not feeling up to it I guess. Because they all fussed the entire trip to see the lights, during the lights & the drive home. It became my own personal nightmare. Trapped in a car with 5 angry children for the better part of 2 hours. & Pretty much any other activities we attempted had the same result. You win some, you lose some. I think we are just in a place where all the kids are going through some kind of funk of a stage. Cooper isn't sleeping well because he wants mommy to sing wheels on the bus to him all night long, Presley doesn't sleep at all, Maddox sleeps great now, but is really rather sassy, Britton is scared of being alone, & Tre is ten on somewhere between baby & teen, respectful, but kind of emotional about everything. I just have to embrace it & remember that I will miss these things, just as I miss rocking infants all night. Even with 5 grumps its been so nice having them home. School stresses me out so much. All day kinder is a bit much for Maddox. His teacher is a bit much for me. I know he is a handful. I told her that before she even met him. I filled her in on his history as an infant & his therapy etc. I feel like she did not hear me. & I get email after email with pictures of his work and how its not perfect and how he will sit at his desk not sure what to do next. & I just want to say...go over to him! Help him! or buddy him up with a student who does know what to do next! I want a plan of action on how to help him & build his confidence, not just tell me what he cannot do. He is such a big hearted, blue eyed darling. He is a difficult buddy. I get that. I never denied that. But he also shares everything he has with anyone who asks. He loves everyone he meets at first glance. He is the first to defend someone being bullied. He really is a gem if you dust away some of the rough spots! I wish so badly she would take a moment & do that! This is all new to me. Britt & Tre are A++++ students. I know Madds can pick it up with some extra help & a teacher who believes in him.  I am not looking forward to the return to the classroom for the big boys & Presley. I am savoring these lazy days at home with the children. 

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Kim-the-girl said...

First,wow to the lights, beautiful! Second, I can totally relate to school stressing me out. First grade was our major trial for our gem child who needed buffing. :-) Good luck, friend!

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