{1st day}

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The obligatory 1st day pictures. Their expressions crack me up. From fake smiles to laughing. The boys are too much & Presley was a riot! I asked her if I could take her picture. She says "yeah. sure momma!" & then hops on the front step & turns her back to me. sassy pants! She thought she was pretty funny. We are so lucky that parsley's little friend who lives just across the street is in the same Pre-K program as Presley. They were a comfort to each other & held hands as they walked to their very first day of school! The big boys acted like old pros & Maddox refused to admit he was nervous, but his face said it all as he walked in a line to his kindergarten class. I was so so glad my Mother was here to assist me in all the running around the first day brings. Her excitement for the children really helped the children feel confident & thrilled to get back in the classroom. Maddox came home exhausted & told his Omah that he had a "hard day." because it was so long. But they all were happy & ready to take on the school year when they arrived home. Presley even announced she was "proud of myself" I definitely worried about that baby girl, but she did it! They all did! 

Here are our Pre-k, kinder, 2nd & 4th graders! 
The S family is taking over!  watch out H.O.E.! 


allegra said...

oh my goodness look at all those cute kiddos in school! Your house must be so quiet now!! I love Presley's sass and turning around for the camera. Totally something Ruby would do, haha. She looks so excited for school !! So glad she did so good- I can't believe she's already big enough for preschool aaaah! It's Rubys first year doing preschool and she starts next week- kinda nervous if she'll like it or not! We'll see! Loved the back to school feast- too cute and I love the idea of challenging them to do a goal for the year. P's "stay calm" was awesome. I totally understand that with Ruby too. hahaha. Hope this school year is a good one for your cute kiddos!

allegra said...

oh and so fun to see a pic of you in the previous post at back to school dinner celbration thing. You are beautiful! And need to get in more pics:) You look 19

Kim-the-girl said...

What a sassy girl! Too funny... And I love the faces, you have such cute kids.

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